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13 years — and counting!

We are always gratified and humbled by how much people love Pointe Magazine. We especially know that when folks call to see if the latest magazine has gone out yet and they want to make sure they get a copy.

That said, we have to apologize for the prolonged delivery of the March-April issue. Since we rely on a private door-to-door delivery company, vs. U.S. mail, we are subject to vagaries of weather and competing customers’ demands on the delivery service.

We would love to be able to go to mail delivery; however, at 84 or 100 pages of premium-gloss paper, our magazines are hefty and prohibitively expensive to mail. Especially since we go to every home in the Pointes — 19,500+! We are the only glossy magazine to be delivered to every home six times a year in the Pointes — not just the so-called “wealthiest homes,” but the remaining 13,000 homes as well!

Despite the hardships, we are happy to point out we are celebrating our 13th anniversary with this May-June 2023 issue of Pointe Magazine. We have come a long way since we published our first 52-page magazine in May-June 2010. 

I remember well laying out Volume 1, Number 1, on that Easter weekend 13 years ago. We had just received on Good Friday a “cease and desist” from a lawyer on the Avenues of America, New York City, claiming we were infringing his client’s trademarked name, “Pointe Magazine.” To avoid confusion, we changed the name to Grosse Pointe Magazine, even though our IP attorney Doug Sprinkle said that was not necessary. 

(By the way, did you know you can find all our past issues in the Local Archives collection online? They are keyword searchable in case you are looking for a particular article. Go to:

 As always, as we enter our 14th year of publishing, be sure to visit our many fine businesses, advertisers and institutions without which living, working and recreating in the Pointes would not be so sweet. And be sure to tell them you saw them ­— or didn’t! — in Pointe Magazine!

John Minnis


Each year, in the May-June issue, we celebrate the accomplishments of our students, and more specifically, our high school graduates. 

On page 68, you will find a story on the three Grosse Pointe North graduates who were named Evans Scholars earlier this year. And, as always, you will find our Publisher’s Pick Exceptional Grads 2023. 

With the help of our three high school administrations, we determine the year’s Exceptional Graduates. And, goodness, what a humbling activity that is.

These students exceed a 4.0 grade point average, create organizations, break athletic records, get into Ivy League schools, fight for social justice, lead teams to championships and much more. But the thread running through so many of their answers? Kindness. 

It is always the most illuminating to me how these exceptionally accomplished students answer the question “who is your inspiration and why?” It is almost always their longest response. And this year, the majority of our graduates responded with someone who showed them extraordinary kindness ­— their grandmothers, parents, siblings, instructors. 

We are honored to share some of the extraordinary things local students are doing, the paths they hope to take and the inspirations that have led them there. Read more about our Exceptional Grads starting on page 62. 

Congratulations to Emmett Cho, Madison Duff, Alex English, Ian Gudenau, Alexandra Karolak and Sarah McCloskey! May you go out into the world and show what an impact a Grosse Pointe education makes. But more than that, may you go out into the world and display the same kindness which you so value today. 

Happy summer vacation and congratulations, Class of 2023!

Lauren McGregor