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Happy New Year!

Wow, another new year! Observant readers will notice on page 6, this issue of Pointe Magazine is labeled “Volume 15, No. 1.” That means this is our 15th year in publication, making us the longest running general circulation glossy magazine in the Pointes. The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club’s Grosse Pointer is the oldest publication I am aware of in the Pointes. Did you know the Grosse Pointe News founded in November 1940, was to be called the Grosse Pointer?  That is until the yacht club got wind of it and put the kibosh on using their publication’s name.

Something similar happened to us on the eve of our first issue in May 2010, which was slated to be called Pointe Magazine. As we were preparing to go to press, we received a cease and desist letter from an attorney on the Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) in New York City telling us Pointe Magazine was his client’s registered name and that we could not use it — or anything similar to it. While our intellectual property attorney, Doug Sprinkle, assured as we could in fact use Pointe Magazine as our title since the New York publication was a dance (“pointe”) magazine, we compromised and went with Grosse Pointe Magazine. We still call ourselves Pointe Magazine for short and, we have found, many of our loyal readers simply call us The Pointer.

We don’t care what you call us as long as you think of us!

So we hope you enjoy this issue of Pointe Magazine ushering in the new year. We wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous 2024 and, as always, remember to patronize our many loyal advertisers, without whom this magazine would not be possible. Be sure to tell them you saw them in Pointe Magazine!

See you around the Pointe in 2024!

John Minnis


When Rufus McGaugh informed me that he was publishing his final book about his worldwide travels, I couldn’t believe it. Over the course of six years, I have chatted with him about each of his four installments.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Rufus speak as a guest speaker in your school or running into him in the community, you are missing out and I urge you to buy his latest book, Travels, Treasures, and Tales of a Nomad. His stories, infused with such humor and insight into the nitty gritty of getting from Point A to Point B (and C and D…), can belong only to someone who has traveled to every country in the world. 

One of the smoother ordeals was the time he credited his “Irish gift for gab” with getting him into Libya. He literally talked and talked and talked until the border agents let him exit the airport. 

A Detroit Free Press article was titled ‘McGaugh Turns His Classroom into a Real Trip’ and that is how a conversation with Rufus goes. His book reads the same. 

He holds no punches, poking fun at world leaders and past presidents.

When asked the ubiquitous question, “what is your favorite place you’ve visited?,” Rufus always has the same answer — the Russian town where he and Monica adopted their first son. They would later adopt a second boy.

As I prepare for the new year — can you believe it is 2024? — I won’t make a resolution. I will, however, be more conscious about adding certain qualities to my daily life, starting with a more Rufus-like sense of humor.

I hope you have a very happy New Year!

Lauren McGregor