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Summer in the Pointes!
Who doesn’t love summer in Grosse Pointe? Folks are outside walking, jogging, running, in-line skating, walking dogs and bicycling on two and three wheels. The parks are packed. Kids -- and their parents and grandparents -- are making ample use of our parks and pools and slides and splash pads.

It seemed like summer would never get here, but when it did it came in a scorcher! I planted our flowers on Memorial Day, as is our custom (after attending the ceremonies at The War Memorial, of course!). However, Tuesday went into the 90s, and I came home to scorched plants. I thought I would have to replace half of them.

Good news, though, by watering them once or twice a day since, all but one have come back, not only showing green leaves but some red and white petals as well. I’m feeling pretty good about my gardening skills!

I’ve discovered a couple of apps that are fun to play with while spending time on the patio or at the park along Lake St. Clair. 

In the Woods, our home seems to be on regular flight path to Detroit Metropolitan Airport. We can hear their engines rev down as they reach the coast. They can be annoying, and they were until I discovered app, FlightRadar24.

Now when I sit on the patio and hear a flight going overhead, I boot up the flight radar app and see not only where the plane is coming from, but also the make and model of the plane.  Another fun app is MarineTraffic. As with the flight radar app, the marine traffic app comes up with a map of your location and shows any boats on Lake St. Clair or the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers -- or anywhere in the world for that matter.

I don’t see any boats on the lake right now, but the Whitefish Bay, a self-charging bulk carrier, is steaming upriver from Port Weller, Canada, to Duluth Superior, Minn. The app even has up-close pictures so you see more of what the boat looks like. 

I also have a golf app, but I don’t get out to play much!

At any rate, enjoy your summer and this issue of Pointe Magazine, and as always be sure to take time this summer to patronize our many advertisers and businesses, without whom none of this would be possible. 

See you around the Pointe!
— John

The Year of the Dog
This is our annual “dog days of summer” issue, and to celebrate, we foster a literal approach, featuring the dogs (and cats) of the Pointes. 

Pointers sure do love their pets! Last December, I realized we were two pets shy of the usual six that we publish on the Pets page, so I took to the magazine’s Facebook page. 

The response was astounding. First two, then six, then 25, all the way up to 37 cats, dogs and birds were submitted in just three days! We were immediately set through the end of 2018!

We have much in the way of pets this issue: Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce’s dogs unleashed, an adoptable Pointe Pet, Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society’s Adoption Day (GPAAS), an upcoming Detroit Dog Rescue fundraiser and the story of the Loffredo family’s pack of senior canines.
To immerse myself in our July-August theme, I visited a GPAAS Adoption Day at Services for Older Citizens. The foster parents of these sweet pups deeply inspired me. 

Kayla Parks said something that made my stomach turn: “The thought of senior dogs spending the remainder of their lives in concrete boxes breaks my heart.” She fosters senior dogs and was accompanied by 10-year-old Cecilia that day.

Six years ago this August, Corey and I adopted a mutt with a cleft (others were nervous the condition would require some sort of medical attention). While we weren’t in a position to adopt another dog, I left Adoption Day sorely tempted. 

The dogs were stationed throughout the main gathering space at SOC, sitting beside their foster parents, with rings of empty chairs surrounding them, ready for a visitor. The image was sweet, but sad. A room full of hopefuls, and just a fraction of the number that GPAAS currently has available for adoption. 

If you are interested in pet adoption, please reach out to GPAAS, or Detroit Dog Rescue. Consider attending a GPAAS Adoption Day, or perhaps even becoming a foster parent yourself. 
When we do adopt again, we’ve decided upon an older dog.
— Lauren


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