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Summer fun outdoors...
In this issue of Pointe Magazine, you will see something you have not seen in a year — society photos from social events and galas that we call our “Paparazzi” pages.

Kicking off this year’s social calendar was the Finer Pointes Art Contest sponsored by the Grosse Pointe News at The War Memorial. You will also find on page 46 photos from the Launch Party for the Great Lakes Boating Festival. In what we call ‘overset’ are photos from the first gala of the season, the Be the Beacon event to benefit the Grosse Pointe Foundation for Public Education. We apologize for not getting them in this issue, but you have something to look forward to in our September-October issue.

How nice is it to be able to go out without masking-up first? It’s like going out for the first time in the spring without a coat — so free and easy! With so many Grosse Pointers vaccinated, we can pretty much say we’ve reached “herd immunity” here. Just don’t leave our Grosse Pointe bubble, which is just fine with most of us most of the time.

It is great to see Little League ballgames going on, as well as soccer, lacrosse and tennis. We live catercorner from the Barnes ballfields, so we hear squeals and roars quite often, and they always put a smile on my face while I am working in the yard.
Speaking of the yard, my garden is not doing that great so far this year. I just can’t seem to get green onions to sprout! Tomatoes are doing fine, as are the jalapeños, peppers and radishes. I don’t know what it is with the green onions.

Last year, Terry ordered me one of those raised gardens. Problem was I did not put landscaping fabric underneath and roots from nearby pine trees took over. So this year I had to remove all the root-ladened soil and replace it with a special mixture of compost, peat moss and vermiculite. I’ll let you know how it turns out in September.

In the meantime, be sure to get out and patronize our many loyal advertisers and businesses. They have been through a rough 15 months as well and need our support. 

See you around the Pointe! 
— John

                ... and in!

I knew I would be a writer before I could read. Okay, not quite that early, but nearly. Actually, I was learning to read and my parents had subscribed to Highlights, the magazine for children. 

Usually, Mom would read each issue to me. I loved hearing about Goofus and Gallant and finding items in the Hidden Pictures feature. 

I was beginning to read full sentences around 6 years old, and extraordinarily proud, I snatched Highlights from the kitchen table, ran to the sofa, laid it open on my lap, and announced, “I’m going to read a page!” 

My mom stood at attention, my captive (willing) audience. With confidence, I read straight through the short story — a single page, with very little art (how proud that made me). It’s one of my most vivid early memories. 

Whatever that moment was made of, I wanted more of it. 
It wasn’t just being able to read for the first time. It was being able to read alone. Although I didn’t have the language to describe the feeling, it was my first sense of independence. Without help, I’d comprehended the page. Even before the true pleasure of escaping into a story, words had given me an incomparable gift — a sort of autonomy.

Soon after, I realized that people wrote the words I’d become obsessed with. And, well, that was that. My heroes became writers, teachers, librarians, keepers and creators of literature in all its forms. They still are.

For the July-August issue, I spoke with three Grosse Pointe Public Library librarians about their Summer Reading Challenge, which runs through mid-August.

My family is participating in it. My son is 4, and while he knows the alphabet and can spell his name, we’ve got some time before he’s reading to himself. For now, I’m reveling in revisiting old favorites. I’m sharing with him the things that sparked something in me for the first time. I’m excited, though, to discover new favorites, particularly with the recommendations by our insightful librarians.

I invite families of all ages to join us in the Challenge! Learn more on page 18.

Happy summer reading, Grosse Pointe!


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