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Happy Holidays!

Wow. Where did the year go? We just returned from four weeks of golf and pool time at our Marriott timeshare resort in Orlando. It’s a sad thing that the only time I have to play golf is in Florida! But I am not alone. I know many people who are so busy working when they are at home that there is no time for fun activities! It could be worse — like no work!

Actually, we ended staying a week longer in Florida than planned. Upon leaving Orlando on the Florida Turnpike, our transmission quit on us at 60 mph. We were able to limp into The Villages, the huge retirement community south of Ocala. We knew a good tire and auto repair shop there from a previous trip when a tire blew out.

It seems our 2008 Saturn Vue has a rather rare transmission, and since it was a late Friday evening when we brought the car in, a transmission — new or rebuilt — could not be immediately located. A rebuilt one was eventually found, but it did not arrive until the following Tuesday evening!

So what does one do in a golf cart community without a car? Rent a golf cart, of course! So we spent the weekend — and most of the following week! — tooling around in our rented golf cart, enjoying a self-organized “Lifestyle Preview”! Of course, several more rounds of golf were in order — one with Ruth and Bob Bollinger, formerly of Grosse Pointe and parents of one of our good writers, Susan Bollinger.

Ruth got Terry and I “Guest Passes,” so we were able to enjoy golf discounts at the many “Country Clubs” at The Villages, as well as entertainment and dinner at the residents-only Katie Belle’s. Of course, we enjoyed entertainment at the Town Squares — every night (weather permitting).

As Hurricane Matthew approached Florida and the car was still in the shop, we began getting concerned. After the transmission (and a new power steering pump!) was installed, it took them another eight hours just to program the car’s computer system. (Something about two errors that kept coming up...)

Finally on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 5, the night before Hurricane Matthew was expected to hit Florida, our car was ready. The next morning, as Matthew was entering Florida, we were exiting. Whew! That was a close one!

It’s great to be back in Grosse Pointe and back to work. We hope you enjoy this “Holiday Issue” of Grosse Pointe Magazine. And remember this holiday season to patronize our many great advertisers and businesses, without whom none of this would be possible.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! See you around the Pointe!

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