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Happy New Year!

If time flies when you’re having fun, then we must be having a ball! This is the sixth New Year celebrated by Pointe Magazine, and the outlook could not be better. The economy continues to add jobs, and Detroit remains the most talked about city in the country.

Speaking of Detroit, we are excited to announce a new publication we are starting to share the good news about the rebirth of the Motor City. Detroit River Living Magazine will debut in April. It will be a quarterly publication and will, of course, be premium quality and in full color, our specialty.

Just as Pointe Magazine celebrates the “Best of Grosse Pointe Life,” Detroit River Living will celebrate the best of life along the Jefferson corridor, known affectionately as the “Sliver on the River.” 

The idea for the publication came from a discussion with Grosse Pointe Shores resident Ted Nichols, a semi-retired agency man who loves Pointe Magazine and wants to help in some way.

It turns out that his boyhood chum is Chip Rohde, who has an office in the Rivertown area on Jefferson. He also happens to be head of the Rivertown Detroit Association, a Chamber-like organization representing the businesses from Grosse Pointe to I-375. Rohde thought a magazine celebrating all the great things happening along the river would be a great idea, and he is throwing his considerable influence behind the project. Also on our Editorial Advisory Board are Michele Hodges of the Belle Island Conservancy, Alexandra Franz of The Rattlesnake Club, Susan Leithauser-Yee of the Rivertown Condominium Association and Francine Pegues of the Belle Isle Driving Range. We are also working with the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, Jefferson East Inc. and the Detroit Regional Chamber.

We’re excited about this new venture. For more information, go to the website,, and, of course, Facebook. We hope you and the residents and businesses along the Sliver on the River enjoy the new publication as much as you enjoy Pointe Magazine!

Speaking of new ventures, we are also excited to announce a strategic partnership with LunaTech 3D, a “Google Trusted Photographer.” You are all familiar with Google Street View where you plug in an address on Google Maps, say your home, and you can then spin around 360 degrees and see your neighbors’ homes. You can also click on the arrow and go up and down the street. 

LunaTech takes the 360-degree photography indoors, where would-be customers can tour a business or residence from the comfort of their home or office computer or smart phone or pad. You can see LunaTech’s work by Googling “The Rivers Grosse Pointe” and clicking on the “See inside” image. The Rattlesnake Club and Gilbert’s Pro Hardware are other examples of LunaTech’s “Spin Tours.”

If you would like more information on getting a “Spin Tour” made of your business or facility, call or text me at (313) 682-7048. If you purchase a Spin Tour through us, you also get a story in Pointe Magazine inviting everyone to come and take “tour” of your business or facility. After all, if you build it does not necessarily mean they will come, but if you announce it in Pointe Magazine, they definitely will!

As always, in this coming New Year, we ask that you be sure to patronize our many loyal advertisers and businesses, without whom none of this would be possible and we would not be having so much fun!
See you around “the Pointe”!

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