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Dog (and Boating) Days 
of Summer!
I suppose you don’t have to guess. The story first broke on Crain’s Detroit Business, then The Detroit News and the Detroit Legal News and, finally, the Grosse Pointe News. 

Yes, it is true. I am back at the Grosse Pointe News. Terry and I purchased the newspaper on Friday, Aug. 18, from Bob Liggett of Grosse Pointe Shores. It was an amicable transaction, and Mr. Liggett will continue to be involved in the Grosse Pointe News as an investor.

I’m sure everyone knows my story by now. I left the paper in October 2007, some 5 1/2 months after Mr. Liggett bought the newspaper following Robert “Butch” Edgar’s death. Sure, I had hoped to stay on with the Grosse Pointe News, but Mr. Liggett had other ideas, and, well, the rest is history.

However, Mr. Liggett is as thrilled as we are to have us, Terry and me, in charge of the newspaper.
But don’t worry, Grosse Pointe Magazine isn’t going
anywhere. In fact, we have great news. Lauren McGregor, who has been our Assistant Editor for seven years since the magazine started, has been promoted to Editor. She has really taken over the job already, so we have the editorial management of the magazine in good hands.

We will continue to publish the magazine six times a year. It is hoped that with the additional resources of the Grosse Pointe News, we will continue to grow the magazine and launch other premium publications.
Oh, more good news. We — the Grosse Pointe News and Pointe Magazine staffs — will be moving to The Village — this month! As you read this, we and the staff are feverishly working to get moved into the McCourt Building at 16980 Kercheval at Notre Dame. Dan Lemanski, owner of the Village Grille, will be our landlord, and he, too, is working hard to get the upper-level space ready for us, and also to get his fabulous new salad completed. How tough is that having a restaurant right below? You have to know there will be many Grosse Pointe News and Magazine business lunches at the Village Grille — and City Kitchen, of course!
Another reason we are in a hurry to get the move to 
The Village done is because Terry and I have our annual September vacation at our Marriott timeshare planned — and paid for! While, because of the acquisition and move, we have shortened our vacation, we don’t want to miss it altogether. Truth is we’re tired and need some rest and relaxation — and golf! (Where are my golf clubs, anyway?)
Because of the vacation, we are holding off on the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting until after we get back. Can’t wait!
We hope you enjoy this “Back to School” issue of Grosse Pointe Magazine. As always, be sure to patronize our many loyal advertisers and businesses that make Pointe Magazine — and the Grosse Pointe News — possible in our wonderful community.

See you around the Pointe!


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