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Spring showers bring 
May (and June) galas!

Seven is a lucky number ­­— both biblically and at the casino. So it was good fortune that we published our debut issue of Grosse Pointe Magazine seven years ago this issue. The magazine has grown considerably since then. Our May-June 2010 issue was 52 pages. This issue is 116 pages. 

Now that’s great because it allows us to include more the good stories and people that abound in the Pointes. It’s even better in that page count is determined by how much advertising we receive. So, yes, Pointe Magazine is very well received by advertisers and, of course, we appreciate them!

 In our debut issue we included our picks of Exceptional Grads from the graduating classes of each of our high schools — Grosse Pointe North and South and University Liggett School. We have continued that graduation tradition every year since, and this year is no exception. What strikes us — and everyone else who gets to know our grads — is how remarkable they are. Not only are their grade point averages stellar, but so are their extracurricular achievements in sports, music, community service and more. Kids today are miles ahead of where my generation was at their age. As was popularized in the Saturday Night Live “Wayne’s World” sketch, “We’re not worthy”! Be sure to read about our Editor’s Picks from among the graduating Class of 2017 and see for yourself!

We are also excited to learn the Edmund T. Ahee Family is being honored at their year’s Legacy on the Lake event hosted by Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House. Now they — the extended Ahee Family — are worthy! They do so much for the Grosse Pointe community, and they do it quietly without fanfare. We look forward to giving them the public thanks they deserve at this year’s Legacy on the Lake. If you have never been to a Legacy event, please make a point to attend this year as it is one of the top galas of the year!

Speaking of galas, we have three of the best coming up in May and June. The Grosse Pointe Foundation has their annual gala May 6 at the Little Club. Unfortunately, the event fell too early in the month for us to get the particulars to you in advance. Hopefully, you are on their mailing list and are planning to attend! Next month, The Family Center and the Grosse Pointe Historical Society are holding back-to-back galas June 9 and 16. The Family Center’s is being held at the beautiful home (and gardens) of Robert and Sandy Riney. (Bob is CEO of Ford Health Systems.) The Historical Society’s gala will be at the gorgeous new home built by Chad and Katie Krueger  on Lake Shore at Oxford Road. Can’t wait to tour that house…after all, we all watched it being built over what seemed like several years! 

Needless to say, there are plenty of fun things to do before school ends and the summer vacation season begins. As for Terry and I, we plan to stay in Grosse Pointe for the most part and enjoy the flowers, the summer breezes, drives along Lake St. Clair and, of course, dining at our many wonderful restaurants. (I think I just discovered why I’m gaining weight!)

At any rate, enjoy these opening months to warmer days of summer and, as I always say, be sure to patronize our many fine businesses and advertisers, without whom this magazine would not be possible and life in Grosse Pointe would not be so sweet!
See you around the Pointe!

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