New Arrival!
Click on cover to view online "flip" issue with links to advertisers!
Click on cover to view online "flip" issue with links to advertisers!
Spring has sprung!

Well, not exactly. As I write this, it is 3 degrees outside and no sign of let-up! But I am warm in the thought that in two weeks we will be heading south to spend a week in Lakeland, Fla., catching a few Detroit Tigers Spring Training games. I can see the berm, palm trees and the ads on the outfield fence. I feel the warm sun already!

This will likely be the last year for outfield berm denizens as the City of Lakeland and the Tigers prepare to do some major renovation at Joker Marchant Stadium, including a 360-degree concourse.

New flash: This will also likely be the last year the stadium will be named after Joker Marchant, the former Lakeland parks director who championed the creation of Tiger Town, as the Tigers’ Spring Training campus is known. Lakeland and the Tigers have announced they are selling naming rights to the stadium and will split the proceeds. 

It’s kind of sad for us Spring Training fans who have been going to games at Joker Marchant Stadium for decades — this is the 50th year Tigers Spring Training has been held at Joker Marchant Stadium. The Detroit Tigers will have called Lakeland its Spring Training home for 80 years when its current contract with the city expires next year. Fortunately, the Tigers and Lakeland have already signed a new 20-year agreement, which will bring the Lakeland-Detroit Tigers relationship to the centennial mark in 2036.

Pointe Magazine is celebrating an anniversary with its May-June issue, Not 100 years, but it will be our Fifth Anniversary since we first published in May-June 2010. Those first five years flew by!

As I am sure all Grosse Pointers will recall, when we first published in 2010, things were not looking too good in the Pointes ... or anywhere! Home values were not just falling, they were plunging. Banks were failing, and many folks here thought it was the end of Grosse Pointe as we knew it. Bad time to start a business!

But Grosse Pointers and advertisers immediately loved the magazine. Readers told us Pointe Magazine, with its vibrant color and all-positive stories, came out just at the right time. Many said, and still say, they actually felt better about the Pointes, our community, after having read the magazine. We love to hear that. As I am constantly telling friends and neighbors, the magazine is one of those rare things that actually turned out better than we could have ever hoped. Thank you, Grosse Pointe!

We want Pointe businesses and organizations to celebrate our anniversary with us. If your business or group is celebrating a milestone anniversary this year, please give me a call or e-mail. We would love to feature you in May-June 2015 anniversary issue. It promises to be the best — and largest — issue to date!

We and our fellow businesses and organizations could not survive without the support of you, Grosse Pointe residents, visitors and workers. Please be sure to patronize our many advertisers and organizations that make the Pointes such a great place to live, work and play.

And, as I always say, see you around the Pointe!

Advertisers love the nearly 20,000 circulation and our FREE (and encouraged!) color, not to mention the competitive low prices. (For a copy of our rate card, click here. To see a copy of our current issue, click here. Flip version: tug at corners or use right or left arrow keys to change pages.)

If you or your family or friends live in Grosse Pointe and have not received a copy of the magazine at home, contact us! If they are out of the Pointes, they can subscribe for just $20 a year. Again, please give us a call or shoot us an email!

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