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Dog Days of Summer!

Welcome to our annual “Dog Days of Summer” issue of Pointe Magazine. Every July-August, we take this opportunity to promote our pets. Where else but in Grosse Pointe will you find so many people devoted to their pets? As I look out our family room windows facing Morningside Drive and Fairford Road, I can see dog walkers passing from dawn to dusk ... and beyond! 

In this issue, you find stories about Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society founder Corinne Martin and about all the great things she has done for pets, including helping create the eastside’s first “blood bank” for pets at Harper Woods Veterinary Hospital and Clinic. What a great idea! You will also read about Grosse Pointe’s own “pet masseuse,” Allison Mourad, a former FBI agent, no less! We are also featuring our second “Pointe Pet Personality” — hey, pets are people too ... in Grosse Pointe at least!

Canines can serve as more than spoiled members of the family. You will also read about Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, a nonprofit agency that provides companion dogs to veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The vital service is being sponsored by the Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS and the Grosse Pointe War Memorial ... another great idea.

Dogs can also serve as police officers. It has been 2 1/2 years since Raleigh, Grosse Pointe’s first K9 police dog passed away. Raleigh has yet to be replaced in the City. Today, the Grosse Pointes have only two police dogs: Xander in the Woods and Duke in the Farms.

Maintaining a K9 unit costs money. First, the animal needs to be purchased and trained. Also, K9 officers need to be hired or taken off patrol duty, and they need to be trained as well. Further, a specially equipped K9 scout car needs to be purchased and maintained. The costs can add up.

Fortunately, Grosse Pointe has many generous benefactors, including Gretchen Valade, who is funding Duke in the Farms, and John Stevens, who with his K9 Safety Partners of the Grosse Pointes organization is helping support Xander in the Woods. Indeed, K9 Safety Partners would like to support a K9 unit in all the Pointes’ public safety departments, as well as in Harper Woods. (I am told a police officer in Harper Woods would like to get a dog, but direction has to come from the city council.)

Would six K9 units in the peaceful communities of the Pointes and Harper Woods be overkill? I don’t think so. Remember that incident at the Woods fireworks a couple of summers ago? It ended a half-century tradition in the Woods. I don’t know that six police dogs would have made a difference, but a couple of dogs at the entrances and a couple patrolling the grounds would surely have been a deterrent. The same goes for any large gathering outdoors. The presence of K9 units may influence troublemakers to stay away.

My friend Gary Wilson, an attorney, is somewhat skeptical of police dogs. True, they can be abused and lead to unwarranted searches and seizures, but certainly the K9 officers are trained to prevent invasions of privacy. Besides, we love our dogs, including police dogs. Everywhere Raleigh went, he was adored, especially by children. What better way to teach children that police are our friends and are not to be feared?

Those are just my thoughts. For more information on K9 Safety Partners of the Grosse Pointes, visit their website, You can also “Like” them on Facebook.

Enough of this serious talk! This issue of Pointe Magazine is also all about boating! Check out our “Boat Names” center spread, as well as our features on the Kimmel family at Mackinac and the Grosse Pointe Sail Club, to mention a few. 

Enjoy your summer in the Pointes and, as always, be sure to patronize our many loyal advertisers and businesses, without whom our quality of live in the Pointes would not be possible! See you around the Pointe!

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