2018 Insider's Guide to the Pointes and Harper Woods with Grosse Pointe Chamber Member Directory
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Mothers, fathers, 
and graduates, oh my!
Every May-June as I read about the accomplishments of our Grosse Pointe Exceptional Grads, I am awed — and humbled!

 Not only do our graduates have stellar GPAs, they also are top athletes and volunteer their time to the community. Where do they find the time? I mean, we’re talking AP Honors classes. These are not “fluff” classes by any means. Our basket-weaving days ended in the ’70s and ’80s. Kids today put our generation to shame!

Our Publishers Picks of Exceptional Grads are not intended to be those with the highest GPAs or those with the most success in sports. Rather, we look for well-rounded students who are tops in all areas of their lives — be it academics, sports, extracurricular activities, social life and community service. We think we have a pretty exceptional group of boys and girls from each of our high schools — Grosse Pointe North and South and University Liggett School.
Be sure to read about these amazing students — and don’t forget to thank a teacher!

In this issue of Grosse Pointe Magazine, you will also learn that the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce is going to the dogs! And that’s a good thing. This year’s street art project to benefit the Chamber Foundation will feature 4-foot and 18-inch dogs painted by local artists. Our dog will be painted by, of course, Dominic Pangborn.

Sponsors will be able to “adopt” their dogs or have them auctioned for charity in the fall. The dogs will debut at the Chamber’s Legacy on the Lake gala at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House on June 20 honoring the Ford Family. How fitting is that!

The weather finally seems to be turning around. Foot traffic in The Village has been phenomenal. Walkers are walking, runners are running and older folks like us are, well, strolling. Whatever your age or physical ability, do try to get outside and enjoy living, working and recreating in the most lovely community in Michigan.

As always, be sure to take advantage of the improved weather and patronize our many advertisers and businesses who support this magazine and the community.
See you around the Pointe!
— John

Happy Mother’s Day and happy Father’s Day! We celebrate both in the May-June issue with event listings including Mother’s Day brunches and EyesOn Design car show at Ford House. We also feature drawings by local kindergartners, illustrating why they love Mom and Dad. A couple of my favorites: “I love my dad because he helps me do flips” and “I love my mom because she gives me her best love.” Her best love! How poetic children can be.

I’m fortunate to come from a family of mothers and fathers who give their “best love.” I hope you won’t mind me honoring them in this space.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Kris, my best friend and everything I aspire to be. To my grandma, Dot, whose love is the cornerstone of our family. To my mother-in-law, Sue, who treats me like a daughter and raised the kindest man I know. To my grandma-in-law, Cookie, the heart and laughter of the family. And to my godmother, Terry, who has always treated me like a daughter. That brings me to fathers. Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Walt, who exemplifies in every way what a man and father should be. To my papa-in-law, Gerald, whose deep love and heritage inspired Graham’s name. And to my godfather, John, who has always treated me like a daughter.

But I especially want to take this opportunity to wish a happy Father’s Day to my husband, Corey. He has been my loving, hilarious, hardworking partner for 12 years. He held me up during the fog of new parenthood, and he is the leader of our kitchen dance parties, talented baby entertainer, puppy wrangler and my forever travel partner. Even with a torturous commute to his engineering job in Canton, he comes home with a smile and arms open for Graham. Happy Father’s Day, Corey! Graham got the very best.

I close with an excerpt from a letter I wrote to Graham on my first Mother’s Day: “I hope you will look back and treasure your childhood as much as I treasure mine; I hope you know our home to be your refuge, a safe and happy place in this sometimes crazy world; I hope you never shy away from creativity or exploration; I hope you feel heard and valued; I hope your trials and tragedies be nothing compared to your success and bliss; I hope you know that no matter what (as my mother told me), I am here for you and will always love you.”

Here’s to all mothers and fathers reading: biological, adoptive, pet parents, those who are trying to become parents, and those who have known a parent’s love.
— Lauren


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