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'Tis the holiday season!

As s we approach the holidays, we in Grosse Pointe have a lot to be thankful for. But before I get into that, I wish to extend my condolences to the families of two dear friends we lost recently. 

One was our dear neighbor, Rosetta Kalajian, who lived across the street. When we moved onto North Higbie Place seven years ago, Rosetta was a robust woman whom you would not call “elderly.” Frequently, she could be seen taking brisk walks and taking care of the yard and chores and tending her ailing husband, Palmer.

Rosetta was also shrewd. She won my friendship by telling me when we met, “I know you. You were the editor of the Grosse Pointe News. You treated me nice when I came into the paper once.” I appreciated that — not to mention the homemade chocolate cake she brought over as a house-warming present!

The other good friend we lost was John C. Carlisle, a prominent Grosse Pointe Farms attorney and friend. I never knew John to be wrong about anything, and he was loyal to his family, friends and colleagues. We also want to thank is wife, Alicia, who organized what was probably the best funeral we ever attended. The service was held at beautiful St. Paul Catholic Church and the luncheon afterward was at the War Memorial. 

Probably the best part, besides all the great “John stories” at the luncheon following, were bagpipes at the service. Not only are the melancholy dirges of the pipes fitting for a funeral, but they also tied into John’s last great project — the remake of the former Jimmy Mack’s bar into the a Celtic whiskey bar, the Cabbage Patch Saloon, which John just completed earlier this year even though he was in poor health by then. Good job John and Alicia!

The cartoon “Forgotten” near the beginning of this magazine is the official symbol of the Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit. Founded in 1914 by James Brady, the goal of the Goodfellows is to make sure “No Kiddie Goes Without a Christmas.”

Lauren, our able assistant editor, and I were fortunate enough to be asked to produce a book on the Goodfellows’ 100 years for Arcadia Publishing. We were amazed that the descendants of the Old Newsboys’ founders are still active in the organization, including the Brady family right here in Grosse Pointe.

The little girl in “Forgotten” reminds us how fortunate we and our children are and how lonely and sad it can be for children not so well off. We hope you give to the Goodfellows when you see them selling newspapers on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Also, we hope that you will attend the Grosse Pointe Santa Claus Parade with an unwrapped child’s toy to put in the Toys for Tots train as it goes by. In doing so, you will be helping to ensure “No Kiddie Goes Without a Christmas.

As always, be sure to patronize our many loyal businesses without whom life here would not be as pleasant.

Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year to all our loyal readers!

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