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5 years ... and counting!

Welcome to this, our 5th Anniversary issue of Grosse Pointe Magazine! Can you believe it’s been five years already? We can and can’t!

We thank all of you, our readers, loyal fans and the many businesses, advertisers and organizations that have supported us and helped make us a success!

We came up with the idea for a magazine in the fall of 2009 while on our annual fall trip to Orlando. It was an epiphany. We drive to Florida, what with all Terry’s suitcases, etc. (Terry blames the lack of space on my golf clubs, but we all know that is not the case...)

At any rate, there is a lot of time to think on the long drive, and since I was out of work into the second year of the “Second Great Depression,” a light bulb went off: What about a magazine just about and for Grosse Pointe? Since we travel everywhere with our laptops, we got right to work on planning the magazine once we were set up in our Marriott timeshare.

Once back home, we began lining up freelance writers and photographers and ad sales reps. We went through several “professional” sales reps, who quit before they started. “Print is dead,” they said. “Besides, don’t you know there’s a recession going on?”

Finally, Terry and I, both without sales experience — I an “editorial guy” and Terry with a controls engineering background — began hitting up businesses on Mack Avenue. Our first ad sale was to Kevin Crowther at Crowther Carpet & Rugs. The second ad was to John Ahee at edmund t. AHEE jewelers with the help of Marilyn Waldmeir, who with her friend, Linda Jennings, helped sell to their business-owner friends. 

We also pressed our friends to hand-deliver that inaugural issue of Pointe Magazine. How hard can that be in little Grosse Pointe?, we naively thought. Well, we and our friends and family learned Grosse Pointe can be quite large when lugging heavy magazines door to door! I spent three weeks delivering magazines every day, weather permitting. My heels became so sore from walking on pavement, I had to do it on the balls of my feet! If you saw someone tip-toeing up to your porch with a newspaper bag and magazines, that was me! After that, we hired “professionals” to do the job!

The rest is history. (I know many of you have heard “our story” before, but since I turn 60 in a few days, I’m at that age where I can tell the same story over and over again.)

This 5th Anniversary issue of Pointe Magazine at 116 pages is our largest (and, hopefully, best) to date. For those not in “the biz,” page count is based on advertising, not editorial. If page count were based on the number of positive stories to tell about Grosse Pointe, every issue would be 200 pages and we’d go broke!

Anyway, we thank everyone for contributing to our success and giving positive encouragement. As always, I conclude my column by reminding everyone to patronize our many businesses and advertisers, without whom none of this would possible and Grosse Pointe would be not be as great a place to live, work and play! In this issue, enjoy our special features on those businesses also celebrating milestone anniversaries.

See you around the Pointes!

Advertisers love the nearly 20,000 circulation and our FREE (and encouraged!) color, not to mention the competitive low prices. (For a copy of our rate card, click here. To see a copy of our current issue, click here. Flip version: tug at corners or use right or left arrow keys to change pages.)

If you or your family or friends live in Grosse Pointe and have not received a copy of the magazine at home, contact us! If they are out of the Pointes, they can subscribe for just $20 a year. Again, please give us a call or shoot us an email!

Publishers John and Terry Minnis of Grosse Pointe Woods look forward to discussing our exciting new magazine and business venture with you! Call us at (313) 640-8955 or send email to publisher@grossepointemagazine.com!