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Earlier this year, I thought that by now the pandemic would be behind us, all schools would be welcoming maskless students and businesses would be back to pre-COVID activity. How naive I was!

Just when we thought we had it licked, the Delta variant came along and cured us of our hubris. Fortunately, the numbers do not look as bad in the Pointes as they do elsewhere; however, many of us are sometimes forced to leave our “bubble” for business and family matters.

Yet, all is not doom and gloom. Once again we have our galas — Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce’s “Legacy on the Lake” Sept. 16 at Ford House, The Helm’s 25th annual auction “Silver Dream” Oct. 14 at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, the Grosse Pointe Library Foundation’s “Masquerade for the Stacks” Oct. 23 at the Country Club of Detroit, and The Family Center’s popular “Hollyfest” Dec. 2 at the GPYC. 

And, as Editor Lauren McGregor writes, school is indeed back. Can’t wait to see her 4-year-old Graham — “big brother” and protector to Maggie — go to preschool at Our Lady Star of Sea, right across the street from Uncle John and Aunt Terry! (That would be us!)

Further, business is picking up. We are seeing many of our faithful advertisers returning to Pointe Magazine after being shuttered — or nearly so — for over a year. The biggest problem right now seems to be getting workers to get businesses back to full strength. Yet this, too, will pass.

This time of year, Terry and I are preparing for our “working vacation” to The Villages and Orlando. Not to worry, as business owners, once we get settled with our makeshift office and laptops set up on the dining table, we’re back in business so we don’t miss a beat.

At these times, it is extra important that we patronize our many loyal advertisers and businesses and organizations that make this magazine — the only magazine that goes to every home Grosse Pointe — possible. 

See you around the Pointe when we get back! 
— John

... and back to school fun!

Last year, like many other families, my husband and I made the difficult decision to pull our son out of 3-year-old preschool. By the time you read this, he will be in-person at 4-year-old preschool and I’m a bundle of nerves, excitement and trepidation just writing that.

This summer, he had his first taste of school. He attended Vacation Bible School, where his Aunt Lindsay teaches, and then had a blast at Grosse Pointe Superheroes Club (more on that in a future issue). So it was with extra enjoyment and personal interest, that I put together the Back-to-School pages of this issue.

And what a joy it has been, with every feature painting an increasingly normal picture. Unlike last September-October, this year’s back-to-school issue is truly a back-to-school issue. Kids on the Go, the annual North vs. South Tailgate, Haunted Garage Productions, Grosse Pointe Theatre’s Youth on Stage — all have returned to in-person events. 

Our family is especially looking forward to the first-ever Story Festival at the Ford House. In partnership with Grosse Pointe Public Library and ECHO Library and Resource Center, it is a way to get kids passionate about reading and has all the markings of an annual must-attend event.

Then there is the annual North vs. South Tailgate, to take place on the South Lawn this year. But, unlike previous years, the 2021 Tailgate will serve as kick-off to Grosse Pointe Public Schools’ 100th anniversary celebrations. 

When looking through historical photos collected by Suzy Berschback, I came across a picture of a tag tied to a piece of wood. A portion of it reads, “This is an historic piece of the original South gymnatorium floor. The floor that Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher walked on at the Second Dedication Ceremony in April 1955. The floor on which the Detroit Pistons played their first ever NBA playoff game on March 12, 1960. The floor that Martin Luther King, Jr. walked upon three weeks before he was assassinated in 1968.” An incredible example of the history imbued in our schools. 

I expect there will be much to celebrate during this 100th anniversary year and we will be sure to share it in future issues. Have a safe and happy school year!


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