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Celebrate springtime

It is hard to believe, but with this issue, we have completed 10 years of publishing Pointe Magazine, and what a thrill it has been. I tell everyone, “This is one of those things that turned out way better than expected.”

I’ve told you our story many times. The idea for a Grosse Pointe magazine came to us while driving to our annual vacation spot in Orlando in September 2009. I was freelancing for the Detroit Legal News at the time. We were still in the Great Recession, and at the age of 54, soon to turn 55, I saw little chance of finding a full-time position. We couldn’t start a newspaper. Grosse Pointe already had one. Then a light went on: What about a magazine? We remembered how much we all liked the former Signature 48230 and 48236 magazines the Detroit News and Free Press published. It closed after just seven years in December 2008. By the time we had returned home, we had a business plan and printing quotes. We published our first magazine in May 2010, and it has been profitable and well-received ever since.

Grosse Pointe Magazine is the longest-running magazine in the Pointes, and the only magazine that goes to every home. That’s nearly 20,000 copies!

Our next issue, May-June 2020, will be our official 10th Anniversary magazine. I am sure we will have many special features, and our supporters and advertisers will have opportunities to celebrate with us. So stay tuned.

We are looking at making some changes, though. We will be returning to photographic covers of scenes throughout the Pointes as when we started.

We have been fortunate for the past four years to have our “resident artist” Dominic Pangborn of Grosse Pointe Shores paint our covers. That’s more than two dozen covers in all! He did these gratis to support a “local” magazine, and we will forever be grateful to him. Thank you, Dominic! You will always be part of the Pointe Magazine family.

With that said, as always, be sure to patronize our many loyal businesses and advertisers, without whom this magazine would not have thrived and survived for 10 years and counting. 

See you around the Pointe!

— John

... and milestones!

In every March-April issue, we share the details of a Grosse Pointe wedding. This year’s wedding is a bit different from our past wedding features. With the ceremony in the front courtyard of The War Memorial and the reception in its cozy library, it’s a far more intimate affair. 

There is something about a wedding in a historical setting — the dark wood walls, chandeliers and antique accents. The atmosphere of a place with a long, storied history and a room that has seen private family life, countless special events, notable speakers and, of course, a long list of honored veterans.

It’s a joy to share Brayton and Katherine’s special day in this special place. Their happiness is evident and their sweet responses to our wedding questions, a pleasure and inspiration to read. 

Also each year, just before the release of the March-April issue, we are busy getting the Insider’s Guide to the Pointes & Harper Woods into the hands of our readers. 

The 2020 Guide with the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce Directory debuted at the annual Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce annual dinner on Jan. 30 and hit homes in February. I’d like to thank the Chamber for its help with the Guide and wish them a heartfelt congratulations on their recent move to 106 Kercheval on The Hill. If you haven’t seen their new headquarters, stop by and say hello!
By the time this issue goes to press, I will be well into maternity leave. So it seems strange, from this point in February, to wish a Happy Easter, Earth Day and spring! But equally exciting.

At Pointe Magazine, the arrival of spring means more than the shift to kinder weather. We will also be hard at work on our May-June issue — the 10th anniversary issue. I hope you have a beautiful early spring and see you in a couple months — just in time for the milestone celebration!
— Lauren


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