Happy New Year!
Since the January-February issue is always about healthy New Year resolutions and seniors, I guess I can write about myself!

Since I am 66 years old, I qualify — grudgingly! — as a senior. I don’t feel like an “old guy” ... most of the time. Sometimes I get achy and realize I cannot do as much physically as I used to. As much as I hate to, I do sometimes have to ask for help.

The realization that I looked and was considered old came to me while Christmas shopping. I had a large box I had wheeled out to the minivan on a flatbed. Sure, the box was heavy, but I figured I could tip it up on end and into the back and slide it in the rest of the way. I had barely started when three different people came running from all directions, yelling, “Sir! Sir! Let me help you with that!” I felt foolish and feeble! But that was nice of them.

I haven’t been to my gym, Pointe Fitness, since the pandemic began. Every time I run into gymmate Steve, a former cop and doorman at Ahee Jewelers, I promise to return. But then a new variant comes along and all bets are off. Sure, I could walk outdoors and do stretching and squats at home, but it’s not the same.

My New Year’s resolution is to get more exercise — finishing the basement would qualify! — and lose weight. A few less chardonnays would be sound advice. I am told by my wife, Terry, that I’m not getting any younger, so I better shape up.
Our hope for 2022 is to buy a house in The Villages, Fla. Housing is in demand there, so prices are going up. 

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See you around the Pointe in 2022!
— John

In every January-February issue, we celebrate the active lives of seniors, health and wellness. Often, those topics intersect. In this issue, they do so twice ­— in a fun feature about Active Fit at The Helm and again in a story about the physical and mental health journey of Charles Merz.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Charles, who is a 32-year survivor of stage 4 cancer. Despite hardships since childhood, he has devoted himself to actively forgiving others and seeking happiness. His path to joy is one of prayer and meditation.

Since New Year’s resolutions are the spirit of the season, I will share mine — to meditate more often (like Charles) and to be more aware of the present.
While the pandemic has definitely slowed me down, it has not made me more present. The opposite, actually. I spend large amounts of time worrying about the future, conjuring up all sorts of ways in which my family’s life ­— and health ­— could be upended.

Like Charles, I think a daily routine of meditation is in order, not only to calm my worry, but to bring me back to center.
One of my favorite quotations by Annie Dillard is: “It’s about waking up. A child wakes up over and over again, and notices that she’s living. She dreams along, loving the exuberant life of the senses, in love with beauty and power, oblivious to herself — and then suddenly, bingo, she wakes up and feels herself alive. She notices her own awareness. And she notices that she is set down here, mysteriously, in a going world.”

For another inspiring quotation about presence, turn to page 26. Our Pointe Personality, Kandace Chorney, shares a passage from Sanskrit by Kalidasa. 

I hope you are staying present in the New Year, and, even amid a global pandemic, waking up to the wonder of every day.
Happy New Year!


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