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To adapt a line from Samuel Clemens, reports about Terry and I being fully retired are greatly exaggerated ... at least as far as the magazine is concerned!

True, Terry and I retired from the Grosse Pointe News on April 1, April Fool’s Day, but hopefully that was only a coincidence. However, we do continue to work for Pointe Magazine, along with editor Lauren McGregor, who does a bang-up job and probably could do it without us. But it’s too fun to give up!

It was bittersweet for Terry and I to leave the newspaper. I was first hired as a reporter by then Grosse Pointe News editor Pat Paholsky and publisher Robert “Butch” Edgar in September 1988. So other than our marriage — 46 years in September — the Grosse Pointe News has been the longest relationship I have had in my lifetime.

Due to the pandemic, with its shutdowns, business closings and resulting loss of advertising, Terry and I found ourselves unable to sustain the paper’s ongoing expenses, a dicey situation even at the best of times! So we were fortunate to find a buyer with the resources to continue the paper’s 82-year legacy.

Lauren threw a “surprise” retirement party for us at the Cabbage Patch Saloon. Of course, I was completely unaware and was shocked by all who showed up!

One of the biggest thrills for me was a retirement cartoon of Terry and me by nationally syndicated cartoonist Phil Hands. Phil began drawing cartoons for me when he was a student at Grosse Pointe South. He continued to do cartoons for the News throughout college, grad school and while on staff with the Wisconsin State Journal. Phil has been recognized as one of the top editorial cartoonists in the country. I am certainly honored to have known Phil and have had some small part in his success. Now with a growing family of his own, I am proud to count Phil as a colleague and friend.

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— John for the dogs!
July-August is our annual ‘Dog Days of Summer’ issue, in which we highlight pets, rescue organizations and more. After learning Snickers’ amazing story (on page 48), I naturally reflected on my own experience adopting a rescued dog. This seems like a better time than any to tell Molly’s story.

Our sweet dog, Molly, has been the host of the Pets page since my husband and I adopted her in 2012. She was rescued from a kill-shelter in Ohio and brought to Serenity Animal Hospital in Sterling Heights. There, she waited for a home for a couple months due to her cleft nose. According to the veterinarian we met with, Molly had been visited by several families but all were hesitant about her cleft nose and any problems that might arise from it. The veterinarian quickly assured us that it was a purely cosmetic issue. 

Yes, her nose is split down the middle. But we thought her all the more adorable for it. And apart from getting the occasional twig stuck between her nostrils, her cleft hasn’t affected her health in any way.  

Today, Molly is a happy, healthy, affectionate 10-year-old and a gentle protector and playmate to our two children.

So, back to the Pets page ­— We have used that same photo of Molly since her debut in 2012. I often toy with the idea of updating her photo for that series, but I’ve developed a little superstition about it. So, here’s an updated photo of our Molly, the same puppy you see on every issue’s Pets page. The Pets page will remain the same for now — and continue to bring me joy in seeing her as a puppy every couple months. 

I hope you have a wonderful summer with your furry friends!


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